Graduation Requirements

While a student may select some subjects, Mount Carmel Academy requires 28 credits if enrolled in the four-year program and 35 credits in the five-year program for graduation.

Students Entering 8th Grade

Subject Credits Required
Religion 8 1
English I (H) 1
Algebra I (H) 1
Physical Science (H) 1
Foreign Language (H) 1
Dynamics of Effective Study .5
Fine Arts Survey 1
Physical Education .5

Students Entering 9th - 12th Grades

Subjects Credits Required
Religion 4
English 4
Mathematics* 4
Social Studies (Western Civilizations, American History, World Geography, Civics, Economics) 4.5
Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) 3
Foreign Language (French, Spanish, Latin)** 2
Family and Consumer Sciences (elective) .5
Test Prep .5
Physical Education (4 years) 2
Fine Arts Survery 1
Electives 3.5
* All students are required to take one Carnegie unit of math and
one Carnegie unit of English each year of attendance at Mount Carmel.

** A minimum of two foreign language credits in the same language must be earned at Mount Carmel.
For eighth graders, a minimum of three credits must be earned at Mount Carmel.
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