Driver's Education for Freshman/Physical Education

Welcome to the Mount Carmel Academy Drivers Education Program! 

Classroom Requirement:  As  part of her freshman enrollment in physical education at MCA; your daughter will fulfill the LA. State requirement under the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) of 30 hours of classroom instruction needed to obtain their Learner's Permit. Students will take the permit Knowledge Test at MCA  through the driver's education Program. 

The book fee is $25.00 which will be paid on book day.

Behind the Wheel:  Once your daughter has successfully completed the 30 hour classroom portion of the GLP,  she must be 15 years of age to prepare for the “8-hour behind the wheel” portion of  the GLP.  She will be placed on a list in birthday order from oldest to youngest. An instructor will call your daughter. When you feel your daughter is ready and if Mount Carmel Academy is the driving school of  your choice please submit the $350.00 made out to MCA, (submitted to Mrs. Stacy Tant)  to reserve your spot.

Licensure: Upon completion of the required 180 days of “permitted” driving and your daughter is 16 years of age, they can schedule a third party test with one of our instructors; Students must be accompanied with legal guardian,  bring permit, proper paperwork (birth certificate - SS card) and $30.00 fee made out to Mount Carmel Academy.

If you elect to choose another provider for the “Behind-the-Wheel” portion of the state mandated  GLP of Driver Education, MCA  requires a $75.00 fee to obtain the necessary papers.  Checks should be made payable to Mount Carmel Academy and submitted to your daughter’s classroom instructor.  We require a three-day period for processing, The completed sealed paperwork will be given to your daughter.  If a student does not complete the driving portion of the GLP with Mount Carmel Academy instructors, we are not able to serve as a third party testing site, which requires you to find another driving school to provide the Behind-the-Wheel course and take your daughter to the OMV to schedule the driving test.

Thank you for your continued support of our Driver’s Education program. If you have any questions or concerns, please email:

 We are blessed that the State has approved us as a third-party testing site for students who complete the entire Driver’s Education program with us.  We will continue to do all that we can to provide this service to our families. 

Student Reminders

Permit at age 15:

Once you are finished the 30 hour class, you will fill out a card for MCA 8 hour instruction.

  • Your card will be placed in alphabetical order by birth date.
  • MCA has 6 drivers certified instructors.
  • You must get paperwork from that instructor prior to driving
  • The fee is 350.00 Made out to MCA
  • If you go elsewhere to driver your 8 hours, you can request your paperwork after the 30 hours classroom and pay a $75.00 processing fee. Three days are needed to process this certificate.

Licensure at age 16: What to do?

  • Check your permit you will need to have your permit for 180 day from the issue date
  • Bring a copy of your permit to the driver’s ed teacher when you are eligible
  • Appointment will the be made with instructure
  • If you are going to test during your lunch, you must give us a copy of your permit and get an out of school Activity form prior to testing
  • Your custodial parent needs to come sign the paperwork prior to testing
  • The fee is $30.00 made out to MCA
  • Good driving skills

*Forms may be acquired from Ms. Bean or Mrs. Tilly in the Duplantis gym during both lunches.

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