Joy in Learning

Be inspired to explore.

Private, All-Girls Catholic High School
For Grades 8 - 12

Find your voice

Discover your passions and develop your talents.

Private, All-Girls Catholic High School
For Grades 8 - 12

Women of Character

Connected in Heart, Head, and Hands

Private, All-Girls Catholic High School
For Grades 8 - 12

A Sense of Wonder

Question, imagine, and create

Private, All-Girls Catholic High School
For Grades 8 - 12

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Featured Programs

make it at MCA
Make it at MCA.

Innovation and curiosity are always at work in MCA’s Phyllis M. Taylor Maker Lab. Students from all academic mediums utilize this creative space to transform concepts into tangible models. >>More

Find something you love.

When Lake Pontchartrain is practically in your front yard, you set sail! Check out MCA’s Sailing Team (no experience required!) or find what floats your boat as you explore our 50+ clubs and activities. >>More

Game on.

Student-athletes participating in Mount Carmel’s eleven sports programs are leaders on and off the field. They are encouraged to grow individually and as a team. >>More

Express yourself.

Whether you love to be in front of the spotlight, behind it, or anywhere in between, Mount Carmel’s fine arts program provides ample opportunities to be an actor, singer, artist, director, animator, filmmaker, and musician. >>More

design cycle
Learn by doing.

With project-based learning and the Cubs Create Design Cycle, students are challenged to move from problem to solution through hands-on experiences and real-world applications. >>More

spend the day
Spend the Day!

Spend the day with us! Meet our students and teachers, attend classes, and find out if Mount Carmel could be the right high school for you. >>More



What I love most about MCA are the teachers. They take the extra steps to make sure that students understand the material well, which I think shows how much they care about us.


I love the school spirit! It’s everywhere, and I feel like I am welcomed. Also, there is a strong bond of sisterhood between not only my classmates but other girls in different grades. Every morning when I wake up, I wonder who I will see and what events will take place! 


MCA has impacted my life spiritually by offering different activities to explore my faith and develop a strong relationship with Christ. If I look at how my life has changed since coming here, my relationship with God has really grown.


There is such a clear sense of sisterhood in our school. On multiple occasions, I have had complete strangers come up to me and ask me to sit with them. Everyone is so kind and supportive, and I cannot think of a better environment for me.