On January 3, Mount Carmel students were surprised with something out of the ordinary during their Independent Study periods. They met in their homerooms and watched as a WMCA production explained the Inaugural Design Cycle Challenge. They were asked to create a self-propelled, beautiful, and functional Mardi Gras toy float using only the contents of a bag containing everyday objects. The groups divided themselves into roles including a Research and Imagine Team, a Plan and Create Team, a Prototype Team, Presentation Team, a Timekeeper, and a Recorder.

The two groups in each homeroom then tested their prototypes and collectively decided which one was the most effective. The following day, each grade level met during I.S. to test prototypes and make a presentation to a panel of judges. The judges selected one prototype to represent each respective grade.

The final five prototypes were presented in a "Shark Tank" style competition, complete with "investors." After displaying their creation and answering a series of questions, the investors chose their favorite Mardi Gras float. Congratulations to the 9th graders for winning the first Design Cycle Challenge! Congratulations to our entire student body for working hard, being inventive, and collaborating together!



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