Each year, through the MCA Mission Drive, students raise funds for the PATHS program, the Feed Jesus program, and the Carmelite mission in Timor-Leste. In 2022, students earned $22,770 by raffling off gift baskets and selling baked goods, jewelry, knitted hats, ice cream sundaes, and more. Senior Emma Lucas, the student who raised the most money, was named the Mission Queen for the second year in a row. Eighth grader Addie Friel was named the 1st Maid and Kathryn Kamlade was the 2nd Maid. Emma's religion teacher, Mrs. Cheramie, was crowned the Faculty Mission Queen. 

The Mission Drive is sponsored by our Christian Life Community (CLC) club.


Senior Emma Lucas

1st Maid

8th grader Addie Friel

2nd Maid

Junior Kathryn Kamlade

Faculty Mission Queen

Mrs. Cheramie






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