Students in Intro to Engineering designed and built bridges using only uncooked pasta and hot glue. They began by finding a location anywhere in the world that would either benefit from a bridge or was in need of a replacement bridge. From there, they determined which type of bridge would best suit their location. They were responsible for determining the scope of work, completing a cost estimate, and drafting in AutoCAD before building their bridges and presenting them to the class.

Part of their presentations involved putting their bridges to the test. They first had to run an electronic car across their bridge. Next came the ultimate test. Students placed weights on their bridges to find the maximum capacity they could hold. The strongest bridge, a cable-stay bridge, held 6060 grams or about 13.3 lbs. Coming in at second place was a cantilever bridge, which held 4800 grams or about 10.6 lbs. 



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