The Carmelettes are the State Champions for the tenth time! They earned the top spot at the American All-Star State Competition, held January 18-19, 2020, at the Cajun Dome in Lafayette. Twenty-four high school teams from across the state competed for the title.

The Carmelettes were awarded many team and individual honors. They placed first overall in the Prop/Novelty category and second place overall in the Open category with their matador dance. They placed fifth overall in Pom. They received first place in Division 3 for their Novelty and Open Dance, and received second place for their Pom routine and fourth place for their jazz routine. They also received choreography and technique awards for their Novelty performance.

Solo, duets, officers, and ensemble category awards included the following:

  • Hip Hop ensemble – 1st place
  • Lyrical ensemble – 3rd place
  • Jazz ensemble – 5th place
  • Mia Gervais & Brianne Triche – 2nd place for their duet
  • Mallory L’Hoste & Alex Ingram – 3rd place for their duet
  • Ainsleigh Armand & Emily Rice – 4th place for their duet
  • Rayanna Boasso – 1st place in the Junior High School Division Solo
  • Mallory L’Hoste – 3rd place in the Junior High School Division Solo
  • Mia Gervais – 4th place in the Junior High School Division Solo
  • Ainsleigh Armand – 3rd place in the Senior High School Division Solo
  • Officer’s ensemble – 2nd in their category

Catch them at Mardi Gras! The Carmelettes will be marching in Excalibur, Carrollton, Babylon, Iris, and Thoth.

*More pictures to come!*



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