Mount Carmel Academy is celebrating National Arts in Education Week (September 9-13) with the 2019 theme, “Celebrate the Art in You.” The Fine Arts Department believes that everyone has some artistic talent within – whether discovered or not! The week began with faculty and staff members discovering creative portraits of themselves on pins in their mailboxes. National Art Honor Society students worked hard to create these personalized pieces of art for every one of MCA’s employees. Throughout the week, students and teachers are invited to write how they feel about the arts on small, colorful pieces of paper and stick them to the letters in a “Celebrate the Art in You!” mural displayed in the cafeteria. On Tuesday, students were invited to create a special class color sticker under the gazebo during lunch. On Wednesday, MCA musicians will perform at both lunch periods and teacher artwork will be displayed on the cafeteria televisions. On Thursday, students are invited to decorate and wear ties, and on Friday, WMCA will feature a special fine arts presentation.

The Fine Arts Department hopes that everyone will continue to “Celebrate the Art In You” well beyond this special week.


Faculty Members Share Their Love of the Arts

“Creating art is a way to express my emotions in a joyous way. It allows me to bring beauty into the world and share it with others.” – Mrs. Rachuba

“Art is my purest way of showing my love and emotions to people I care about.” – Mrs. Hannan

“My artmaking is deeply connected to my well being, and my spirituality. When I am not creating new work, it feels like I've lost something.” – Ms. Kossick

“I’ve found it helps me in contemplative prayer while also boosting my confidence.” - Ms. Ely

 “Creating art has helped me to manage my emotions and even helped with my public speaking skills.” - Ms. Galeano

“It brings me joy! I love the idea of creating something beautiful or interesting with my hands and with natural, growing things. There is something empowering and purposeful about building something new and unique that we everyone can use and enjoy.”- Mr. Fournet

“Art centers me and helps me look at the world around me with different lenses.” - Ms. Schaeffer



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