Thirty-seven MCA students had artwork selected for publication in the Spring 2024 "Celebrating Art" book. The book publishes the top artwork from a national student art contest. 

Congratulations to the following students:

First Name Last Name Grade
Brinley Abel 12
Lana Barbe 11
Sara Barfield 11
Caroline Barrett 11
Reece Brechtel 11
Chloe Callaghan 11
Vivian Cerruti 12
Emily Cohn 12
Leah Coleman 8
Maddie Colombo 12
Gabrielle Cummiskey 12
Adrienne Currie 12
Lindsay Curry 11
Camryn Devitt 10
Kassie Diaz 9
Savannah Fouchi 12
Lucy Gab 12
Olivia Gehman 9
Lindsey Gifford 12
Alexis Gray 10
Emma Groetsch 11
Chloe Guillemet 9
Cecille Guste 11
Isabella Gutierrez 12
Avery Hellbach 11
Brylin Hunt 12
Gabby Kaiser 12
Alexis Krambeer 12
Sophie Lamy 9
Emily Lousteau 12
Margaret Martello 11
Charlotte Martinez 12
Elizabeth McCrary 12
Lia Revere 11
Claire Sandrock 12
Elise Segura 11
Molly Spinney 12

Alexis Gray

Camryn Devitt

Gabrielle Commiskey

Annelise Cotaya

Olivia Gehman

Chloe Guillemet

Reece Brechtel

Maddie Colombo

Lana Barbe

Emma Groetsch

Chloe Callaghan

Chloe Callaghan

Brinley Abel

Savannah Fouchi

Caroline Barrett

Emma Groetsch

Elise Segura

Elizabeth McCrary

Lucy Gab

Alexis Krambeer

Isabella Gutierrez

Cecille Guste

Avery Hellbach

Brylin Hunt

Margaret Martello

Adrienne Currie

Lia Revere

Molly Spinney

Charlotte Martinez

Sophie Lamy

Emmy Cohn

Kassie Diaz

Vivian Cerruti

Lean Coleman

Lindsey Gifford

Sara Barfield

Gabrielle Kaiser

Emily Lousteau

Claire Sandrock

Lindsay Curry



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