The 2018-19 school year ended with a morning of prayer, awards, tears, and laughter.

Eighth through eleventh grade classes came together for the Closing Mass led by Fr. Clark on May 22, 2019. For the Meditation Hymn, Ms. Christine Johnson played the guitar while singing, “Our Father’s Heart,” a beautiful and moving song she wrote for her students. Following Mass, the eighth grade spring Fine Arts Survey classes entertained the crowd with their lively performance of “Walking on Sunshine.”

Four retiring faculty and staff members were recognized for their service to Mount Carmel: Ms. Gail LaBorde, Mrs. Sara Coleman, Mrs. Sue Wilkinson, and Mrs. Gloria Doran. Mrs. Doran also learned that a new scholarship in her name would be offered in the fall.

Academic awards, volunteer service awards, book awards, Outstanding Youth of Her Parish awards, Art awards, State Rally awards, foreign language awards, and more were distributed.

Sophia Margo Greene was acknowledged for being the 2019 Louisiana Student of the Year District Winner, 8th Grade Division, Archdiocese of New Orleans.

The St. Thérèse of Lisieux Award is an award presented to the eighth grader who most clearly demonstrates the virtues of St. Therese: her faith, her simplicity, and her service to others. The recipient’s Christian behavior and attitude maker her a role model to others and she is devoted to her faith both in practice and in study. She puts others first, has quiet ways of doing behind-the-scene jobs that go unnoticed, and shows a positive attitude in all that she does. She demonstrates service in the small, thoughtful things she does for her classmates and reaches out in service to the community in a kind and friendly way. The 2019 recipient of this special award was Meredith Guy.

At the conclusion of the Awards Ceremony, "MCA Shoots for the Stars" was announced as the theme for the 2019-2020 school year by the Student Council Executive Board. The school united in singing the Alma Mater and then the Class of 2020 did their senior cheer for the first time.

We wish all of our students a safe, relaxing, and happy summer break!


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