On the final week of Cub Connection, students wrote letters to themselves as seniors, learned about Come Lord Jesus, and elected student council members. They also had an opportunity to ask questions to a panel of Student Ambassadors and worked together on a collective collage. On the last day, they wrapped up their math, English, and computer classes and decorated festive crowns in Heart of Carmel.

Student Ambassador Q&A Panel
From lunch groups to tips on managing coursework, the new Cubs were able to get a student's perspective on high school life. A panel of Student Ambassadors openly and honestly answered all of their questions.

English Collage
In English, Cub Connection students read “Piecing Me Together,” a story about Jade Butler, a teenage artist who takes ordinary, everyday objects and fits them together to become something beautiful. She uses creative expression to explore her thoughts about the world around her and process feelings about her own life. To connect the classes to the story, students were asked to bring in two objects that represent them as a person. All of the objects were put together, creating one large collage.




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