Pick a side: the Capulets or the Montagues!

When it comes to Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet," neutrality is not an option — at least not in Mr. Lindeman’s English I classes! The eighth graders, who recently began to read the tragedy, had to choose one of the two feuding families. They each created a family shield in their family’s colors (red and green for the reserved, strict Montagues or blue and yellow for the excessive, high-society Capulets).

In one section of the shield, they drew a self-portrait dressed as they would have been in 1597, and in another, they selected a quote. They also added five facts about themselves and designed a decorative initial “C” for Capulet or “M” for Montague. As they read the play together, they will be divided by family. The Capulets will sit together on one side of the room, and the Montagues on the other.



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