Mount Carmel Academy recognized students for their athletic and academic achievements at the Fall Athletic Awards ceremony on January 25, 2022.

The Most Valuable Player Award was given to athletes who constantly contribute to the success of the team and inspire teammates to perform at a higher level. Fall MVPs are Stella Junius, Carley Kronlage, Claire Remy, Colby Pechon, and Olivia Stant.

The Coaches' Award was given to members of the team who set the example, support their teammates, and seldom lack spirit or motivation. Honorees are Bella Crozier, Meghan Rousset, Sara Carollo, Sofia Gutierrez, Ella Mauterer, Lucy Quintana, Emily Caracci, Teresa Cashen, Isabella Nicoll, and Sarah Haas.

The Outstanding Member Pin is awarded to athletes who contribute to their team's success by their practice efforts, consistent sportsmanship, and unwavering support for their teammates. An outstanding contribution in a particular game, match, or meet may also warrant the award. Outstanding members are Sammi Rogers, Ellen Grenrood, Olivia Meyer, Emma Richey, Julia Zimmermann, Sabrina Chittenden, Anne Zimmermann, Lindsey Wickersham, Nola Sevin, and Gabby Carter.

The LHSAA All-Academic Scholar Award was earned by athletes who maintained a 3.5 GPA or higher while participating in varsity sports. These students are Elizabeth Traylor, Sara Carollo, Hailey Ferrara, Sofia Gutierrez, Ella Mauterer, Olivia Stant, and Gabby Carter.

The Outstanding Fall Athlete Award is given to a varsity athlete who has displayed outstanding athletic ability while also serving as a model of good sportsmanship and inspiration for her teammates. This year's recipient is Olivia Stant.



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