Every year, the seniors visit the Louisiana State Capitol and the Old Louisiana State Capitol to learn about federalism and Huey P. Long’s impact on the state. At the state capitol, students met with the speaker of the house, interacted with other lawmakers, saw the site of Huey P. Long’s assassination, enjoyed the honor of sitting in the senators' desks, and a few lucky students enjoyed banging the president of the senate’s gavel.

At the Old Louisiana State Capitol, students were treated to a film about the rich history of the Castle on the River, toured the old capitol (including seeing the gun of Dr. Carl Weiss who is the man blamed for the death of Huey P. Long), and participated in a few debate activities. 

The freshman class explored the Audubon Zoo on November 3. The trip was a follow-up to a World Geography project focusing on how geographical changes can affect habitat and species viability. Students, who had previously selected a region and then studied the habitat, endangerment risks, etc., for a specific animal in that region, enjoyed observing their chosen animals in person at the zoo.

These off-campus learning experiences connect with the 2022-2023 school year theme, “Keeping the Culture Alive,” as classes across the curriculum implement place-based education. Place-based education immerses students in their local heritage, cultures, history, and environment. By connecting students with their community, place-based education increases student engagement and excitement and builds relationships between students and organizations in their area.



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