Mount Carmel Academy earned 19 awards at the 37th Annual Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University on April 5, 2019. Twenty-eight students competed in Spanish, earning 10 awards including Top Division 1 School in Spanish; 24 students participated in French, taking home 8 awards including Top Division 1 School in French; and three students entered Latin competitions with one award earned. This is the twelfth consecutive year that Mount Carmel has been named the best overall school in both French and Spanish.

MCA Foreign Language Festival Awards


  • Top Division 1 School in Spanish: MCA
  • Spanish 2 Prose - 2nd place, Rachel Stone
  • Spanish 3 Prose - 2nd place, Grace Popham
  • Spanish 4 Prose - 2nd place, Ava Buras
  • Spanish 4 Poetry - 1st place, Claudia Spring
  • Spanish Poetry, Native Speaker - 2nd place, Isabella Zabaleta
  • Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 1 - 3rd place, Caroline Haslauer
  • Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking 4 - 3rd place, Theresa Falgoust
  • Spanish Music - 1st place, Camille Neumann
  • Spanish Theatre- 2nd place: Alyssa Dheming, Sam Falgoust, Claudia Garcia, Teressa Nicosia, Angelique Pineda, Mabelle Dayeli Rovelo, and Jessi Sierra. 


  • Top Division 1 School in French: MCA
  • French 2nd Year Prose - 3rd place, Emily Curry
  • French 1st Year Poetry - 2nd place, Raleigh Lusignan
  • French 3rd Year Poetry - 2nd place, Camryn Hoolahan
  • French 1st Year Extemporaneous Speaking - 1st place, Paola Salame
  • Jeanne Brady: 2nd place for 3rd Year Extemporaneous Speaking
  • 4th Year Extemporaneous Speaking - 1st place, Thalia Koutsougeras
  • French Music - 1st Place, Hannah Bonnette and Jamie Leak


  • Latin IV Translation – 2nd place, Hayley Sumich



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