Ivana Taliancich ’20 shared her opinions on Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) retreats in the July 21, 2021 issue of the Clarion Herald.

Clarion Herald, July 24, 2021 issue

Teens Encounter Christ through his resurrection and each other

By Ivana Taliancich

Have you ever experienced a glimpse of heaven on earth?

Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) retreats give teens and young adults the opportunity to experience just that. Based on the paschal mystery, TEC brings retreatants to the foot of the cross so that they can encounter Christ by entering into a personal relationship with him.

TEC focuses on Jesus’ dying and rising and gives participants the chance to do the same in their own lives.

However, TEC is much more than just a weekend encounter; TEC is a lifelong community. It is a community filled with people who pursue Christ and strive to bring one another closer to his love and mercy.

Personally, TEC has taught me what true discipleship is. TEC has introduced me to people who encourage me to follow Christ and to choose him every day. Through small-group discussions, reflective prayer time and personal testimonies of retreat team members, this three-day retreat experience sparked a fire inside of my heart that has continued to burn for Jesus.

TEC allowed me to let Jesus into every facet of my life. The encounter that I had was not one that lasted just while I was on the retreat, but also one that allowed me to dive into a community that is filled with people who constantly radiate Christ’s love.

The way in which TEC allowed me to encounter Christ truly fulfilled my soul and fueled me with the desire and strength to live out God’s call to be a disciple. TEC gave me the chance to marvel at the never-ending love of God and to strive to be a light that reflects his love each day.

Even after my retreat experience ended, I continue to recognize how important it is to strive to be a daughter of Christ, a committed and loyal member of the young church of today, clinging to my faith so that I can share the love of Christ with everyone I meet.

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