The legendary D-D Breaux, former Head Coach of LSU Gymnastics, nine-time SEC Coach of the Year, and an inductee to the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame., spoke to MCA's gymnastics team on March 14. Ms. Breaux, a tireless champion for women’s sports, stressed the importance of purpose, passion, confidence, and enthusiasm. Her inspirational message resonated with the team, leaving a lasting impression and fueling their determination to excel both on and off the mat.


D-D Breaux is an influential figure in collegiate gymnastics, renowned for her remarkable 43-year tenure as head coach of the LSU Tigers gymnastics team. Throughout her tenure, Breaux guided the team to unprecedented success, earning numerous SEC Coach of the Year honors and leading the Tigers to countless NCAA Championship appearances. Her coaching prowess and unwavering dedication to her athletes have left an enduring impact on the sport, inspiring generations of gymnasts and coaches alike. Breaux's legacy extends far beyond LSU, cementing her status as one of the most influential figures in collegiate gymnastics history.



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