WMCA's film, "Face the Melody," won the Audience Award for Best Short Film at Film Prize Junior, a high school film festival for students from across Louisiana.

The 2020 edition of Film Prize Junior broke the previous records, with a total of 24 films submitted from 15 schools. Over 900 votes were cast from across the country to determine the Audience Choice Award, which is also a new record. "Face the Melody" was selected by the voters to receive the Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film. 

“We were unbelievably impressed by the student filmmakers this year,” said Colby Doler, one of the Film Prize Junior organizers. “These students surpassed our submission record during an unprecedented time, as they’ve been engaging in distance learning due to COVID-19. We also had higher voter turnout than ever before for the festival, meaning even more people were able to see these fantastic films from the next generation of filmmakers.”

Film Prize Junior is the high school version of the Film Prize Foundation’s flagship festival, Louisiana Film Prize. It is open to high school students aged 14-18 across the state of Louisiana. The competition was created by Tobias Kallenberg, son of Film Prize creator Gregory Kallenberg, and aims to incentivize students to become engaged in a collaborative, multidisciplinary art form of filmmaking and creative entrepreneurship.



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