STK earned numerous honors and awards at the 2022 International Thespian Festival, held June 20-24, 2022, at Indiana University. 

STK represented Louisiana in the Chapter Select performances. They received a standing ovation from a full house. The publishing company of their script was in attendance and STK members were able to have a meet and greet/question and answer session with them after the show. 

The group earned an impressive total of nine International Thespian Excellence Awards (Thespys) in five categories. 

Claire Schenck (Director), Taylor Davis (Stage Manager), and Ella-Grace Gustin (actor) were selected to be part of the 24-hour play festival.

Meredith Falk Charbonnet auditioned for over 50 colleges and received 22 callbacks and earned over $15,000 in scholarships. 

The students also attended numerous workshops from theatre professionals focusing on all disciplines - dance, design/tech, and acting for example. 

The following International Thespian Excellence Awards (Thespys) were earned (Superior is the highest honor and Excellent is the second-highest honor): 

Sound Design
Amy Gegenheimer, Superior

Solo Musical Theatre
Meredith Falk Charbonnet, Superior
Savannah Fouchi, Superior
Regan Nugent, Superior

Monologue Acting
Claire Schenck, Superior
Caroline McCoy, Excellent 
Colleen D’Aquilla, Excellent

Group Musical Theatre
Choreographed by Maddie Maurin; Regan Nugent, Emily Oliver, Maddie Maurin, Rhyan-Grace Hebert, Savannah Fouchi, Meredith Falk-Charbonnett, Casey Swanson, Molly Martinez, Elise Fairchild, Helen Morlier, Anna Grenrood, Superior 

Group Acting
Directed by Claire Schenck; Angelina Granier, Caroline McCoy, Alexis Schott, Elise Holloway, Colleen D’Aquilla, Excellent 






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