Each spring, Mount Carmel Academy juniors head out into the real world to explore organizations that focus on one or more aspects of STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Students are assigned locations based on their personal preferences. They try new things, interact with experts in different fields, discover new interests, and have memorable and inspiring experiences.

On the first Junior STREAM Day, three groups of students visited Mardi Gras World, where they observed the behind-the-scenes process of how floats are made - from design and construction to becoming parade-ready. After the tour, they used their imagination and creativity to make their own Carnival masks. In the afternoon, the groups split off to explore career paths within health and wellness, including sports medicine, physical therapy, and zoology at Tulane Sports Medicine, Southshore Physical Therapy, and the Audubon Zoo. 

Another group began their day at the MESS Lab at the Green Project to learn about recycling paint. The students studied color theory, filtered and mixed paint, and planned a marketing campaign for their newly recycled shade. In the afternoon, they toured the Old Ursuline Convent Museum in the French Quarter. 

Observing coppersmiths at the Bevolo Gas & Electric Light Museum and participating in a metalworking activity helped another group experience the connection between science, technology, and the arts. In the afternoon, they created works of art with upcycled glass at the Shard Shop.

While half of the class was on Junior STREAM Day trips, the other half was on an overnight retreat centered on friendship, unity, and spirituality at the Solomon Episcopal Conference Center. On January 31, the STREAM Day group visited The National WWII Museum to explore artifacts, archives, and oral histories of World War II. Next week, the groups will switch.



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