On February 7, eleventh graders that were on retreat last week participated in the Junior STREAM Day. They enjoyed a day of exploration and hands-on activities with organizations that utilize science, technology, engineering, arts, and math in their day-today operations. Students were able to see forensic chemistry, marine engineering, pharmacy, civil engineering, food science, design, horticulture, nursing, civil engineering, and more at work in the real world. Students also experienced the joy and wonder of God’s creation through interactive experiences with nature, marine biology, and astronomy, to name a few.

STREAM Day students divided into groups based on their personal preferences from six available opportunities. On February 8, these students visited The National WWII Museum to explore artifacts, archives, and oral histories of World War II.
Those who participated in Junior STREAM Day last week went on their retreat, an overnight trip to the Solomon Episcopal Conference Center included activities centered on friendship, unity, and spirituality. 


AM/PM: Global Wildlife Center
Students traveled to the North Shore to experience wildlife conservation firsthand.  Through a guided tour of the facility, students learned about different species of animals at the largest free-roaming wildlife preservation in the nation.


AM: Sugar Roots Farm
PM: UNO School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Students began their day at a working urban farm to learn about sustainable agriculture, food waste diversion, and commerce. At the UNO School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, they discussed the different types of engineering and learned about specific projects happening at UNO’s School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.


AM: Pharmacy Museum and Bevolo Gas and Electric Light Museum
PM: New Orleans Glassworks + Printmaking Studio
After a guided tour of the Pharmacy Museum, the group walked to Bevolo Gas and Electric Light Museum to work with a coppersmith.  After lunch, they traveled to the New Orleans School of Glassworks to make their own art while watching glassblowing and torchworking demonstrations.


AM/PM: Bollinger Shipyards
Students traveled to Lockport to see the process of shipbuilding from the first computer drafted schematics to the final interior finishes. Students met with engineers while touring the facility.


AM: LSU Nursing School 
PM: Flood Protection Authority
At LSU Nursing School, students where they were able to interact with nursing students in the patient simulator lab. In the afternoon, students engaged in discussions about the technology that protects our city from major flooding with engineers at two flood protection sites. 


AM: Xavier Pharmacy School
PM: Longue Vue House and Gardens
At Xavier Pharmacy School, students received an in-depth look at what the field of pharmacy has to offer. After lunch, enjoyed a tour of the historic home and gardens. While touring the gardens, they learned about horticulture and landscape architecture.


AM: Jefferson Parish Crime Lab
PM: Pigeon Catering
At the JPSO Crime Lab, students enjoyed a tour followed by a discussion and Q&A session with a forensic chemist. In the afternoon, they visited two different sites operated by Pigeon Caterers/Carnival Brands to learn about commercial food production (preparation, cooking, large-scale recipe production, refrigeration, sanitation, etc.).

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