Paul Werner, former MCA teacher and STK director, was inducted into the LA Thespian Hall of Fame for his exceptional contributions to the performing arts.

During the opening ceremonies of the LA Thespian State Festival on January 19, Paul Werner received the prestigious LA Thespian Hall of Fame award. The award was presented by Kristi Jacobs-Stanley, the Chapter Director of LA Thespians and the current Mount Carmel Theatre Teacher and STK Director, along with Cherie Ducote Firmin ’90, who serves as the Chapter Director of LA Thespians and is an MCA alumnae.

Mr. Werner's teaching career included a dedicated 15 years at Mount Carmel Academy, where he instructed in Theatre Arts, Television Production, Computer Science, and Fine Arts (Basic Drawing) from 1974 to 1989. As a multifaceted educator, he not only taught but also wrote and directed theatre productions in collaboration with STK. Notably, he also initiated the weekly WMCA news show during its inaugural year at MCA.

Mr. Werner, with a career spanning 50 years, directed 84 plays, including six original musicals, showcasing his diverse artistic talents. His commitment to creativity was evident in integrating student-written and directed one-act plays. Mr. Werner also served as State Director of the Louisiana Chapter of the International Thespian Society. After leaving MCA in 1989, he began teaching at Ben Franklin and then transitioned to NOCCA in 2001, where he played a crucial role in establishing the Media Arts department.

Mr. Werner, an actor, director, writer, mime, puppeteer, and technician, was also the General Manager of La Mise en Scene Theatre. His writing credits include works like Hold Fishy Tight, Jibber Jabber, and several musicals in collaboration with composer Bobby Moore and choreographer Kenneth Raphael. Additionally, Werner's company, Write Your Own Musical, conducted school residencies, and he served as a staff writer for the Morgus Presents TV series. In leadership roles, including President of the Board of Dog & Pony Theatre and head of the Playwrights Unit at the Contemporary Arts Center, he remains an active member of the Dramatists Guild, a former Louisiana Ambassador, and a board member of Goat in the Road Productions and the NOCCA Foundation.






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