Senior English classes visiting the library discovered a new set of guidelines. Ms. Couret, librarian, explained all the changes and modifications she began making this summer with the goal of keeping students safe.

Here’s what’s new with the library for 2020-21:

  • Only 25 people are allowed at one time in keeping with Phase 2 guidelines.
  • Chairs have been removed to ensure social distancing. Only two students are allowed per table.
  • Books are quarantined for three days after being returned to the library.
  • For books used during the research process:
    • The library increased the number of digital books available.
    • For books without a digital version, students must wear gloves while handling and return the books to a special cart when finished. The books are wiped down upon return. Students are reminded not to touch their faces while using books during the reference process.
  • Just like with all tables and desks in school, the library tables are sanitized after every class.
  • Ms. Couret uses a voice amplifier so students can easily understand her through her mask.



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