MCA's Counseling Department celebrated "Love Life Week" from February 19th to the 23rd. The theme for 2024 was "The Sun Should Come Out for Everyone." This special week included meaningful activities to help students reflect on where they are in their journey of self-love, ways to model and practice caring behavior to those around them, and how they, as individuals, can contribute to a culture of kindness within MCA.

Teachers awarded merits to students who were "caught" doing something kind. These actions could be as simple as holding a door open for someone, sitting with a student who may have been by themselves at a table, or celebrating another student’s achievement. In religion classes, students were given "Affirmation Hearts," each with the name of another student on the back. The students were asked to take a few moments to reflect on the positive qualities they admired in the person and write an anonymous affirmation. After collecting the hearts, they were then taped to the respective student's lockers. Special prayer cards were also shared with the student body. 

As we wrap up "Love Life Week," MCA's Counseling Department would like to extend heartfelt appreciation to all students and faculty for their enthusiastic participation in fostering a community of empathy and positivity.




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