Ms. Hannan, one of Mount Carmel's science teachers, received a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) from the University of New Orleans! Fiona Ching ’20 and Callie Matyas ’21 helped her celebrate the achievement. Fiona painted her graduation cap with an MCA theme including class mascots, the MCA sign, and the front of school. “I did it for you” in a glittery script completed the tribute to her students. Callie helped Ms. Hannan commemorate the experience by taking her graduation photos – including shots of Fiona’s special artwork. Ms. Hannan’s love for her students motivated her to pursue the degree, and clearly, that love did not go unnoticed. Congratulations, Ms. Hannan! (And great job, Fiona and Callie!)

Ms. Hannan, an alumna from the Class of 2014, teaches Anatomy & Physiology, Biology II AP, and Animal Science. She is also a Student Council Co-Moderator.



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