To open the Year of the Eucharist, Mr. Lazarine, sophomore religion teacher, is taking the sophomore class on a guided review of the connections between Sacred Scripture and the Mass.  During their first semester, the sophomore class focused on the Old Testament. Their freshman year concentrated on the New Testament. 

Mr. Lazarine is in his final semester at Notre Dame Seminary, preparing for graduation in May 2021 with a Masters of Arts of Pastoral Leadership through the Institute of Lay Ecclesiastical Ministry.  As Mr. Lazarine’s final practicum, he designed a two-day program to connect the Scripture to the Mass itself.  In doing so, the first day focused on Typology within the New Testament and Old Testament, and the second day focused on the Book of Revelation and what Revelation reveals about the Heavenly Banquet. Through this project, his objective is to deepen the students’ understanding of the Mass and love of the Eucharist while expanding their understanding of how Sacred Scripture reveals the rituals of the Mass. 



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