An unexpected encounter of two alumnae at MCA Career Day leads to a new blog.

When architect Ana Batista Borden ’97 and Christine Lacoste Bordelon ’77, associate editor of the Clarion Herald, volunteered to speak at Mount Carmel Academy’s Career Day in the spring of 2018, they had no plans other than hopefully inspiring students with information on their respective professions. However, God had other plans and the morning led to an unexpected encounter. The two alumnae began talking and the idea of a Catholic parenting blog came up.

“I thought I was going to just be exposing current students to my career as an architect,” explained Borden, “but instead that morning lead to a new meeting with a fellow Cubby and the creation of a new resource for parents in our Catholic community.”

After many emails and phone calls, “NOLA Catholic Parenting” launched in late September. The blog’s mission is “to provide a platform that encourages healthy conversation, spiritual support, growth, fellowship and, above all, to experience God’s grace in an accepting and reflective parenting community in our ever-changing world."

“When I was asked to compose the blog's mission statement it came easily because I thought of the comments I had heard from fellow parents who could not identify themselves with the mission of other local blogs,” explained Borden. Many of the parents she reached out to replied immediately, eager to contribute content.

Bordelon was amazed at how everything fell into place. “She [Borden] was just the person I was looking for to help me launch this Catholic parenting column since she had previously done a blog,” she said. “She had mom and dad friends, I knew people, and together we created this great space.”

NOLA Catholic Parenting hopes to continue an ongoing conversation about parenting in the New Orleans Catholic community. Learn more at

NOLA Catholic Parenting contributors are moms and dads; those who work and those who stay home with the children; English-speaking, Spanish-speaking and hopefully other languages. They welcome comments and submissions. If you would like to make a submission, email



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