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Ms. Johnson's religion classes performed acts of kindness and goofy tasks in a year-long scavenger hunt.



Ms. Johnson’s sophomore religion classes have been working on a year-long scavenger hunt called “Noodle Cup.” Throughout the school year, her students completed unusual tasks from a long list of items, filmed or photographed the results, and sent them in. While some were fun, goofy tasks (“teach an adult how to floss dance” or “bake a cake that looks like a pizza”), many encouraged community service and genuine acts of kindness. From “leave a thank you note in your mailbox for your mail carrier” to “interview an elder in your family about their best day and turn it into a hand-illustrated storybook,” students regularly made people laugh, smile, and feel loved.

Why "Noodle Cup?" What is the Prize for Winning?

We’re told it’s a long story – but the winner of the scavenger hunt will receive a crown made of noodles.

The full list of Noodle Cup tasks:

3 points 

Picture Buy lemonade from a lemonade stand
Video Learn to say hello in 10 different languages
Video Play a 10-second clip of the Mount Carmel alma mater on the recorder
Picture Construct a footlong smore
Video Play 10 seconds of the heart and soul duet on the piano with a friend
Video Teach an adult how to floss (the dance)
Picture Shop at a farmer’s market
Picture Leave a thank you note in your mailbox for your mail carrier to find 
Video Recreate the “around the world” dance vine with 2 friends 
Attend an STK play and bring me the playbill

4 points

Picture Create a dessert hamburger
Picture Leave a post it with a kind message inside 5 books at a bookstore for someone to find
Picture Hold a birthday party for your pet or a family member’s pet, complete with party hats and a cake made entirely from pet friendly treats
Picture Write a thank you note to each one of your teachers from last year who is still here. I do not need to see the contents of the note in the picture.
Picture Use sidewalk chalk to write encouraging messages and doodles in your neighborhood-4 points
Picture Choose a public figure that you think has done a lot of good in the world. Write and mail a letter to them and take a picture of the completed, stamped envelope about to go in the mail.
Picture Create a haiku for an animal on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species that tells of the animal’s plight and why we should protect it 
Picture Write down a list of your 10 favorite character traits of a person in your life. Give it to them, and capture them reading the list 
Picture Find a four leaf clover and take a picture of it with a thumbs up next to it
Picture Do the dishes and take a before and after picture 
Video Play hot potato with an actual potato and at least 4 other people 
Picture Wash someone’s car 

5 points

Picture Ask a child 8 or under about superpowers they would like to have and create a drawing of them as a customized superhero
Picture Hang out with an eighth grader, freshman, yourself, a junior and a senior all at the same time
Picture: Take a picture with a dog (doesn't have to be yours) at Carmel Challenge Cup
Picture or Timelapse: Make a pizza with toppings that people would never think to put together. A timelapse of the entire construction process will get you some bonus points!
In person Name all 46 books of the Old Testament in order IN PERSON with me
Picture Cook dinner for your family and eat it together
Video Learn a card trick and perform it for a child
Picture Build a mini-golf course in your backyard. Invite some kids in your family to play
Picture Have lunch with a religious sister
Picture Recreate a famous painting using nothing but breakfast food. Show me the real image and your creation side by side
Picture Learn how to make a traditional recipe from a culture other than your own with someone who is a part of that culture
Picture Take a trash bag and a friend to a park/public space and clean up any trash you see 
Picture Donate old towels and/or blankets to an animal shelter

6 points 

Picture Interview an elder in your family/community about their best day and then turn it into a diorama in a box OR storybook, hand illustrated by you. Take a picture of them holding your creation.
Picture Bake cookies and bring them to a fire station or police station. 
Picture Create handmade cards and deliver them to a local hospital. Take a picture of the cards outside of the hospital (you might not be allowed to take pictures inside)
Video They say nothing hurts more than stepping on legos. Create an actually wearable pair of shoes using legos and show someone walking in them
Picture Collect a bag of compostable materials from your household and take a picture of someone dropping it off at one of the compost drop off sites in New Orleans. See me for further explanation/information if needed 
Picture: Attend Student Leaders Retreat 
Attend a Monday mass at school and bring me the little slip of paper Mrs. Buras hands out at the end of mass
*seasonal* Picture Decorate Christmas cookies with a child 10 or younger
*seasonal* Picture Build a snowman that looks like your favorite celebrity. This must either happen somewhere where there is snow OR using materials cleverly designed to look like snow
*seasonal* Video: Lead the blessing before meals at your family's thanksgiving celebration. Have someone else (prayerfully and respectfully) record with your family's permission.

10 points

Picture Turn an unused piece of land (that you are allowed to alter--cannot be public space without proper permission) into a community garden. Take a before and after picture of the space
Picture Organize a social event at a home for the elderly or for individuals with special needs (game night, spa day, arts and crafts, etc.) 
Video Record any celebrity saying “I am Queen Noodle”
Video Organize your own service project pertaining to a cause you care about (I’m happy to help brainstorm with you on this one)
*seasonal* Pictures: Backwards trick or treating. Instead of going door-to-door asking for candy, go to a hospital or nursing home (call ahead) and go room-to-room giving OUT treats (depending on the needs of the facility, candy might not be the best option....stickers, toys, kind notes, plastic jewelry, etc might work better if individuals are ill). Costume encouraged.
*seasonal* Picture: Take a selfie with your family attending church for Christmas (outside of the church, not during the ceremony!) 
*seasonal* Picture Provide photo evidence of you and your family creating Christmas care packages (filled with a kind note, hand wipes, a granola bar, socks, mittens, etc.). Wrap them in Christmas wrapping as gifts for individuals experiencing homelessness. Handing them out with your family optional but encouraged! Picture should not include a person experiencing homelessness without permission--a picture of the creation process will suffice.
*seasonal* Video
Go Christmas caroling in your neighborhood with some friends. Make sure to provide a video. Extra points will be awarded if done in costume.



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