The Power Cubs excelled during the Regionals competition hosted at Covington High School on the weekend of February 24, 2024. MCA's 11 powerlifters showed true sportsmanship as they were up against some steep competition. Lily Dupont took home a 2nd place medal in her weight class, lifting a total of 680 pounds. Lauren Morel finished 5th with a total of 595 pounds, Demi Blackledge placed 7th with a total of 605 pounds, Natalie Ricks finished 8th with a total of 635 pounds, and Juliet Wax finished 9th with a total of 600 pounds at Regionals. 

Being one of only a few raw competitors in the sport, MCA still came out on a high note in the rankings going into State. 

Overall Regional/State Rankings are as follows:

  • Jacklynn Dao ranks 21st with a lifting total of 485 pounds.
  • Anabelle Paradise ranks 22nd with a lifting total of 480 pounds.
  • Delilah Williams ranks 22nd with a total of 570 pounds.
  • Amber Pelegrin ranks 24th with a total of 565 pounds.
  • Juliet Wax ranks 25th with a 600-pound total.
  • Sophia Ramagos ranks 32nd with a 545-pound total.
  • Demi Blackledge ranks 17th with a 605-pound total.
  • Natalie Ricks ranks 16th with a 635-pound total.
  • Maddie Jorden ranks 24th with a 520-pound total.
  • Lauren Morel ranks 13th with a 595-pound total
  • Lily Dupont ranks 18th with a 680-pound total.

Thankful for a great season and appreciate all of our support. 



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