As a part of their professional development, faculty members welcomed Danielle Bennette Dukes, an educator and equity and inclusion speaker. Sharing the writings of Edith Stein, the German Jewish philosopher turned Carmelite Saint, and her thoughts on the expansiveness of the female soul, Ms. Dukes encouraged faculty members to open their minds and their hearts. The diverse composition of the people of New Orleans creates a gumbo pot that requires an appreciation of all cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Inclusion through love, she explained, is the ultimate Christian obligation because we were all created in the image and likeness of God.

In the past week, faculty members have been preparing for the new school year by rethinking the importance of note-taking strategies for retention and synthesis of new ideas, exploring new classroom technology in collaborative learning communities, and navigating the forty brand new Newline Interactive touch display boards that were installed on campus this week.



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