The Eco Cub Club recently painted two rain barrels for the Green Light New Orleans. Green Light provides households throughout New Orleans with 50-gallon rain barrels painted by artists. The barrels conserve water by collecting rain that can be used later for gardening or other purposes. Rain barrels also help combat urban flooding.

About Green Light New Orleans

Green Light New Orleans is a grassroots organization that began by swapping incandescent light bulbs for energy efficient CFL and LED bulbs after Hurricane Katrina. Between 2007 and 2018, 17,000 volunteers helped change more than 600,00 light bulbs in almost 28,000 homes, reducing the city’s C02 output by 266 million lbs. In 2012, Green Light expanded its programming to combat food insecurity by installing backyard vegetable gardens, and in 2015 expanded again to aid in water management by installing rain barrels.



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