Former Lt. Governor James “Jimmy” E. Fitzmorris, a longtime and beloved friend of the Sisters of Mount Carmel and Mount Carmel Academy, passed away on June 30, 2021, at the age of 99. Affectionately known as “Mr. Mount Carmel,” Mr. Fitzmorris was a dedicated supporter of Mount Carmel Academy for more than six decades. 

After developing a close relationship in 1954 with Mount Carmel president Sister Mary Grace, Mr. Fitzmorris would serve on the Board of Trustees for more than 60 years. A leader in civic affairs, he made it a priority to install Mount Carmel’s student council officers every year for 50+ years. He was also instrumental in the construction of a three-story building, the Fitzmorris Performing Arts Center (PAC), which was appropriately named in his honor. As he entered the PAC on September 23, 1975, he was met with “a round of applause honoring his help in the construction of MCA’s new building,” according to an October 1975 issue of “Echoes,” Mount Carmel Academy’s student-run newspaper. In an issue of the newspaper from November 1974, an article titled “Concrete Takes Shape” explained the PAC came to completion “because of the never-ending efforts of Lt. Governor Fitzmorris.”

Mr. Fitzmorris’ warm and caring personality brightened the lives of anyone he encountered. His unwavering sense of service and steadfast efforts to grow and improve Mount Carmel Academy made a lasting imprint that will continue into the future. With every performance on stage in the PAC and every student council member who pledges to uphold her position, the beautiful legacy of Mr. Mount Carmel continues at Mount Carmel Academy.

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