On Saturday, April 17, 2021, Mount Carmel Academy’s Science Olympiad team competed virtually in Louisiana’s mini Science Olympiad competition. The team consisted of the following students: Avery Barfield, Hannah Bouchie, Nateli Ferguson, Sohpia Greene, Helen Ho, Emma Kitziger, Camille Mouney, Abby Nolan, Paige Restel, Kristine Rutledge, Taylor Sowerwine, Abigail Spreen, Lorraine Steigner, Catherine Tifft, and Abigail Toups.


  • Overall, the team finished in second place.

Individual events for which students were awarded medals are as follows:

Third place

  • Disease Detectives: Taylor Sowerwine, Abigail Toups

Second place

  • Forensics: Sophia Greene, Paige Restel
  • Fossils: Nateli Ferguson, Lorraine Steigner
  • Protein Modeling: Nateli Ferguson, Helen Ho, Abby Nolan

First place

  • Dynamic Planet: Nateli Ferguson, Lorraine Steigner



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