Senior Class President Speech

Senior Class President Jillian Bruno shared a special speech at the Senior Ring Mass on September 20, 2021.

It’s hard to believe we’re finally here, 
And although we’re still masked, we remain filled with cheer.
Even though there may be a few changes to our space,
Ragdolls overcome adversity and do so with grace.

First day of school we walked in with our masks,
Careful not to forget our baby lunch bags. 
At the assembly, the moment was finally here, 
“Senior Present Yourselves” was music to our ears.

Now all of a sudden there would be no more delay,
We had our first practice for Senior Spirit Day.
We cheered and we yelled and we stomped super loud,
I can promise you this, the mods were insanely proud.

From class to class we walked, sporting a new tan,
However, not so fast … God had another plan.
Hurricane Ida came in crazy fast, 
Suddenly we had two weeks off, which wasn’t such a blast.
And just like that, Senior Spirit Day got pushed back,
And although we were sad, positivity we didn’t lack.
We knew that Ms. Simno would soon find a day,
For us to scream so loud and represent the ragdoll way.
We’re now back in New Orleans,
At our school that we love. 
We’re so grateful to be here, 
We thank God above.

College applications will soon be due in a blink,
Wish we could slow down time and take a moment to think.
So let's live in the present and cherish this time,
Because sooner than later we’ll be out of our prime.

Before we all know it, we’ll all have to go,
We’ll have to move on from the traditions we know.
But we’ll always hold our legacy near,
To pass down to our sisters as they make their doll premiere.

So for the rest of this year let’s laugh, pray, and smile,
Stopping to acknowledge every once in a while,
That 7027 Milne will always be home,
No matter how far we find we may roam. 

Like strangers we came as sisters we’ll go,
We dug deep roots here and have seen each other grow.
So let’s take off our hats to Carmel and wave them with pride,
Sharing the love of a place that’s been right by our side.

Cheers to you Ragdoll sisters, the Class of ’22 
May God be with us all in everything we’ll do.



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