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Ms. Savage’s Spanish II students were sailing to the island of Metelolanosloslas ("Me-Te-Lo-La-Nos-Los-Las" - the direct object pronouns in Spanish), when their ship crashed and landed on another island, Metelenosles ("Me-Te-Le-Nos-Les" - the indirect object pronouns in Spanish). To return to the correct island, they needed to complete four stations, receiving a puzzle piece after successfully completing each one.

At the stations, students worked together in groups to

  • acquire a specific code by sorting direct object pronouns in the correct order and using vocabulary from the units,
  • rewrite sentences using the correct direct objects pronouns and unveiling a hidden message,
  • reveal a new code word by figuring out the misspelled words and the sentences written incorrectly, and
  • build a word puzzle that revealed a message using indirect object pronouns.

After completing their stations and earning all four puzzles pieces, they were able to rebuild their boat and continue on with their voyage. As a bonus, Ms. Savage also rewarded the groups with sweet treats.

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