Students recently finished their second round of making environmentally-friendly soaps to benefit the New Orleans Women’s Center and the Lakeview Shepherd Center. Funding for this yearlong project was made possible by The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation.

Earlier in the school year, students learned about the different types of soap making, including melt and pour, cold-process, and hot-process. Since they would be using the cold-process method to make their soap, they learned about the proper procedures and precautions for working with lye. They also discussed the environmental issues surrounding palm oil and sustainable harvesting practices.

On November 6, student volunteers made the first half of their 80lb goal and the second half was completed on March 15. Students also learned the difference between all-natural and synthetic ingredients. All-natural essential oils added scent to the first batch, and fragrance oils were used in the second batch. Both batches were made with sustainably resourced palm oil.

Students will hold two workshops for both the New Orleans Women's Center and the Lakeview Shepherd Center. Students will teach attendees how to make organic hand and body sugar scrubs. At the workshops, they will also distribute homemade bars of soap to the participants.

The final step will be selling the soap at Mount Carmel’s spring art show, Brown Linen Night on April 16. All funds raised will benefit the New Orleans Women's Center and the Lakeview Shepherd Center.

Purchase your own bar of soap at Brown Linen Night!

Brown Linen Night

6-7:30 P.M.

The art show will highlight hundreds of new works by Mount Carmel Academy studio arts students, musical performances, and art from STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math) projects across the curriculum. The Milne Art Market will feature handmade soaps for sale. An art exhibition of the personal artwork of Mount Carmel Fine Arts faculty members will also be on display.




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