Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science (TEAMS) holds an annual STEM theme-based competition. Teams of four students apply STEM knowledge in creative ways to solve real-world engineering challenges. Mount Carmel's 9th Grade Team placed first in the state in the high school division and 8th Grade Team B finished first in the state in the middle school division.

This year, students were tasked with building paper roller coasters that would take a marble on a thirty-second trip. They were only allowed to use a limited supply of materials, including paper, string, foam board, masking tape, pencils, poster board, rubber band, paper clip, and transparent tape. 

9th Grade Team - First Place, High School

Josephine Ferris
Marguerite Hopkins
Helen Morlier
Casey Swanson

8th Grade Team B - First Place, Middle School

Josephine Balhoff
Genevieve Kenney
Katherine Howat
Rebecca Vindel

*The TEAMS Challenge results were announced recently, but the event itself took place in February 2022, prior to the lifting of the mask mandate.



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