TEAMS, which stands for Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science, is a STEM competition that tasks student teams to work together in solving real-world engineering problems using their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Each year, TEAMS focuses on a different theme, encouraging participants to apply their STEM skills in innovative and practical ways. To tackle these challenges, students must utilize crucial job-readiness skills like collaboration, analytical thinking, and multi-dimensional problem-solving.

TEAMS Challenge: "Engineering in Another World"

In 2024, the TEAMS challenge took students to another world. Settling in a new world poses various challenges for engineers, spanning infrastructure, life support, and conveniences like oxygen, water, shelter, housing, and transportation. Each challenge may require multiple engineering designs to address effectively.

The Challenge

Each grade-level team was required to build a transportation storage facility to be built in a new world settlement. The facility had to hold all types of sizes of vehicles (some of which may not even exist yet) and have a large door that can be operated easily to open, close, and accommodate the vehicles.

The Task

Students had to design a prototype of the transportation storage facility, with specific focus concentrated on the door (features and mechanisms that hold, support, and open and close the door.) The prototype had to stand on its own, be stable, and be able to demonstrate the functionality of the door. 

The Results

2024 TEAMS Competition State Ranking Overall - High School 

1st place (tie): 11th grade
3rd place: 12th grade
4th place: 9th grade
5th place: 10th grade

The seniors received a perfect score and finished first in the "Design & Build" category, and the sophomores finished in second place.

The juniors finished second in the "Essay" category and tied for second with the freshman in the "Multiple-Choice Test."

2024 TEAMS Competition State Ranking Overall - 8th Grade

1st Place: MCA 8th Grade (Team B)
2nd Place: MCA 8th Grade (Team A)




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