Mrs. Kossick’s Art I class experienced a virtual field trip by the Historic Collection of New Orleans. Devin De Wulf, the founder of the Krewe of Red Beans, discussed “Hire a Mardi Gras Artist,” an initiative that is transforming New Orleans houses into Carnival floats while raising funds for professional float builders and artists who are unemployed due to the pandemic. Mr. De Wulf also discussed the krewe’s other programs, “Feed the Front Line” and “Feed the Second Line,” which have been instrumental in aiding New Orleans’ first responders and culture bearers during the Covid-19 crisis. Students were also able to participate in a question and answer session.

Mrs. Kossick’s in-person students were masked and socially distant while they watched the field trip through a computer and projector. Her virtual students were on Zoom on a laptop, watching the screen in the classroom.



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