The Virtual Louisiana Thespian Festival took place from January 29-31, 20201. MCA students earned the following accolades: 

Our one-act version of "A Simpler Time" was chosen to represent Louisiana as the Chapter Select at the International Thespian Festival.

The top two Performance Scholarship winners: 

1st Place - Isabella Farrugia 
2nd Place - Hannah Bonnette

Louisiana State International Thespian Excellence Awards “Thespys” Results

The following students received the overall highest score in their category and will be featured in the final showcase streamed live during the 2021 Louisiana Thespian Festival:

Superior - Short Film - Grace DeLaune

Superior - Solo Musical - Isabella Farrugia

Superior - Duet Acting - Caroline McCoy and Madelyn Berner 

Superior - Group Musical - Choreographed by Meredith Falk Charbonnet, Maddie Maurin, Molly Martinez, Regan Nugent, Emily Oliver, Rhyan-Grace Hebert

Superior - Group Acting - Claire Schenck, Hailey Guidry, Caroline McCoy, Angelina Granier, Grace Delaune, Ella-Grace Gustin, Madelyn Berner

The following students ranked Superior and all qualified to represent Mount Carmel at the International Thespian Festival: 

Superior - Costume Design - Molly Martinez

Superior - Group Acting - Molly Martinez, Claire Schenck, Rhyan-Grace Hebert

Superior - Duet Acting - Rhyan-Grace Hebert and Claire Schenck

Superior - Solo Musical - Ellie Bono

Superior - Monologue - Grace Delaune

Superior - Solo Musical - Meredith Falk Charbonnet

Superior - Monologue - Isabella Farrugia

Superior - Solo Musical - Abby Nastasi

Superior - Solo Musical - Regan Nugent

Superior - Monologue - Claire Schenck

Superior - Short Film - Taylor Davis

Superior- Solo Musical - Hannah Bonnette

Superior - Monologue - Hannah Bonnette



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