Mount Carmel Academy’s volleyball team received their state championship rings commemorating their sixth consecutive state title at a ring ceremony on March 5, 2020 in the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Coach Hagadone opened the ceremony by reminding the players to be proud of their accomplishments during the 2019 season.

“These rings … symbolize the hard work, sacrifices, and the time we put into a sport that we love,” she explained to the crowd of players, coaches, parents, and administrators. “They symbolize the team that we came to be with love and respect.”

After the prayer ceremony, Deacon Drea Capaci blessed the rings and Coach Hagadone distributed them to the team members. After admiring their new rings – and for many, entire hands filled with meaningful rings – the team prayed, one last time, the prayer they said before each game and after each practice.

In the battle that goes through life,
We ask for a field that is fair.
A chance to be equal in all of our strife,
The courage to strive and to dare.

If we should win, let it be by the code of our faith
and honor held high.
If we should lose, let us stand by the road
and cheer as the winners go by.

Congratulations, Volley Cubs, on a season well played – on and off the court. We are proud of you!



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