Vote for MCA's film in Film Prize Jr.!

In 2020, MCA's original film "Face the Melody" won the Audience Award for "Best Short Film." Help MCA win again this year by voting for "Breaking the Sound Barrier!"

Film Prize Junior, the student version of the award-winning Louisiana Film Prize, has broken its record with film submissions from high schools and middle schools across the state of Louisiana, including not only Northwest Louisiana and Shreveport and Bossier City, but also Monroe, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans metro areas. Film Prize Junior Festival will be from April 15-25, and it will be free to view the films and vote at

To participate in Film Prize Junior, teachers and students must follow a program where they learn how to create a screenplay, work together to produce the film, and promote their film to an audience. This year, Film Prize Junior had 68 short films submitted by students from 37 schools across Louisiana. Students will compete for Best Film as well as best Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi/Thriller, Stop Motion/Animation, and Documentary/PSA. 

Festival organizers will award $10,000 in scholarships and media grants to the winning schools. In addition to all of the Film Prize Junior 2021 short films, the festival will offer other programming, including a virtual Red Carpet event for the student filmmakers; industry-led roundtables and workshops for students and their teacher sponsors; and open houses for those interested in learning about how to get involved and compete for the next academic year.

All viewing and voting for the short films will end at 12 a.m. on Sunday, April 25. The awards ceremony will be a live Facebook event on Wednesday, April 28 at 5 p.m. where the winning films will be announced. 






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