World Geography students recently took a field trip to the Audubon Zoo to wrap up their unit of study on Wildlife Conservation. The students conducted prior in-depth research about animals from all around the world, specifically focusing on the animal's behavior, characteristics, natural habitat, and wildlife conservation status. One of the primary focuses in World Geography class is to produce citizens who are good stewards of the earth, which starts with studying how human activities impact our environment and ecosystems. The day was filled with education as our students explored the Audubon Zoo, observing the incredible diversity of animal life. The students were not just content with reading about their chosen animals; they had the unique opportunity to witness them up close, watching their behaviors, and appreciating their wonder in person. By observing many endangered species up close, students are able to develop a deeper appreciation for the importance of protecting these animals and their habitats. Interactions with knowledgeable zoo staff and informative exhibits provide valuable insights into the conservation efforts being undertaken to save endangered species from extinction.



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