A Mount Carmel education is committed to cultivating curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.Learning at Mount Carmel Academy is more than just memorizing the answers. It’s learning how to ask thoughtful questions. It’s going far beyond the textbook with hands-on projects and experiments. It’s collaborating with peers, viewing failures as opportunities for growth, and approaching our ever-changing and complex world with an open mind. Our teachers are passionate about their subjects and are generous with their time in and out of the classroom. Our diverse and extensive course offerings provide many challenging and captivating options, including 35 honors and 10 AP courses. An average class size of 15 ensures an interactive and inclusive learning environment. Eight full-time guidance counselors and a full-time college counselor help academically, socially, and emotionally each step of the way.

Students are taught how to think, not what to think -- giving them the courage and knowledge to uncover their own opinions and points of view. Our graduates leave Mount Carmel Academy with a confidence in themselves and a love for each other. They are well prepared for college and beyond.