Mount Carmel Academy has a complete guidance program with eight full-time counselors, one part-time counselor, and one college scholarship coordinator available to assist students in each grade level with issues related to spiritual and emotional growth, the maturation process, academics, the college application process, and career and work force readiness. Students and parents meet the student's counselor upon entering the school to immediately promote academic success and prepare for the development of life skills.

In order to provide the necessary information for students and parents, Mount Carmel Academy uses the Naviance Family Connection program. This program is used to assist students from grades 8 through 12 to discover their God-given strengths, to track their progress in standardized testing, research their career interests, develop college awareness and the management of their college application process.

Personal interviews with students are frequent, and the approach of the counselors is one of compassion and concern. Parent interviews are conducted for the parents of eighth graders and sophomores by the counselors for a comprehensive view of a student's past progress, plans for the future, and a conversation concerning spiritual, emotional and social development. The guidance department designates an academic day in the fall of senior year to assist students with college and scholarship applications and essays.

College Counseling

Mount Carmel Academy has a full-time college scholarship coordinator who guides students through the often-complicated college admissions process.

College Counselor meeting with student.

Through the guidance department, students become familiar with Naviance Family Connection, a career planning and assestment online tool. As early as 10th grade, Mrs. Caruso begins to work closely with the girls to prepare them for and guide them through the college admissions process. Mrs. Caruso also helps students seek scholarships, including TOPS, based on their academic and extracurricular portfolios.

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Counseling Department Assistance

Spiritual Guidance

Students at Mount Carmel Academy are nourished in the head, heart, and hands: We teach them to truly know Jesus, to fall in love with Jesus, and to desire to serve Him. If a student is hurting in one of these areas, however, counselors are always available to listen and lead.

The religion and guidance departments often work together to serve students. If a counselor determines that a student would be better served talking about her faith or a moral issue with a religion teacher, the counselor will help to arrange this meeting.

Student Support

Guidance Counselors:

  • Guide and inspire students in their relationships with God.
  • Bring students to a knowledge of the truth about themselves.
  • Train students to access Naviance program to explore their gifts, talents, progress and set goals.
  • Speak the truth with love in guiding by confronting and by inspiring.
  • Utilize the latest technology in standardized test preparation, college search, and career exploration.
  • Offer standardized test preparation clsses to sophomores, juniors, and seniors after school.
  • Communicate with parents concerting student programs and development through personal communication with Naviance.
  • Meet with students for group counseling on topics pertinent to the development of adolescents.

Standardized Testing

Students take the following standardized tests as students of Mount Carmel Academy:

  • 8th and 9th graders take PSAT8/9 and Pre-ACT
  • 10th and 11th graders take the PSAT and the ACT
  • 10th, 11th, 12th graders take the ACT or SAT      

Through Naviance Family Connection, students and parents can track their students' standardized testing progress through their years as Mount Carmel Academy students.

  • Mount Carmel Academy utlizes the latest technology in standardized test preparation.
  • Sophomores take a mandatory test prep class for .5 credit.
  • Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are offered standardized test preparation classes after school.