Discover MCA

At Mount Carmel Academy, you’ll find a vibrant community distinguished by rigorous academics, exciting extracurricular opportunities, and joyful traditions. You will discover creative solutions to problems both large and small, collaborate on innovative ideas, and be empowered to advocate for yourself – and others. You will uncover new passions through clubs and activities and develop friendships that will last a lifetime. Mount Carmel will prepare you for a life of faith, courage, confidence, and compassion.

See For Yourself

Experience life at Mount Carmel by visiting our campus. The best way to understand our culture is to get to know the people who bring it to life. Take a private tour, spend a day with us, visit our Open House, and attend our events. You will meet our students and faculty members, explore our campus, and catch the Carmel Spirit!

Why MCA?

Lauren Curtis, Class of 2020

“I was drawn to Mount Carmel Academy because when I first came to spend the day I knew that it was going to be my home. I felt as though everyone was friendly, and it had a welcoming atmosphere. Mount Carmel is very well-rounded. It provides the academics I need to prepare me for college, the friendships with sisters I will have for life, and the spirituality that has helped me to grow closer to God and understand my faith.”

Alyssa Corona, Class of 2020

“I chose Mount Carmel Academy because of the Cub spirit, academic achievements, and spiritual life. The Cub spirit attracted me because as soon as I walked through the gates of Mount Carmel Academy, I could tell every student had a high regard for their school and saw one another as family. Academic achievement caught my eye because I always want to push myself to be the smartest young woman I can be; I knew Mount Carmel Academy would help me reach my goal. Lastly, the spiritual life at MCA made my decision that much easier because I saw how close the students here were growing in their relationships with God from their eighth grade year to senior year.”

Mary Collins, Class of 2020

“Mount Carmel is the place where I felt most at home and where I felt God was calling me. I loved the feeling of sisterhood and love everywhere I went and with everyone I spoke to. I got the sense that Mount Carmel was a big school that felt small, and that it was a home away from home.”

Fiona Ching, Class of 2020

“I was intrigued by the many clubs MCA offered, the challenging college prep academics, and the environment. I enjoyed the small class sizes because students could have the opportunity to establish a better connection and understanding with their teachers.”

Ashley Armelin, Class of 2020

“I chose MCA because I knew it was where God wanted me to be. As soon as I stepped on campus, I instantly felt welcomed and I saw a true sisterhood. I knew MCA was not only exceptionally academically, but also spiritually. I saw that God was the center of everything at MCA and I knew this spirituality would set the foundation of my high school career. MCA has been the most rewarding experience of my life and has made me the person I am today.”