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State Championship

The Cubs with Spikes finished there season at the LHSAA Div 1 State championship as State Runner ups placing 2nd overall!!! Running for the Cubs was  Catalina Reichard, Lucy Quintana, Stella Junius, Sofia Meneses, Caroline Zimmermann, Anna Joubert, and Julia Zimmermann. Placing in the Top 10 was Catalina Reichard (1st) and Stella Junius (10th). Paw Yeah!!!


District & Metro Championships

The Varsity Team finished 1st overall with a low score of 16 Pts. Scoring for the Cubs was Catalina Reichard, Lucy Quintana, Sofia Meneses, Stella Junius, and Anna Joubert.

The JV team finished 2nd in JV Metro. Scoring for the Cubs was Marlie Belsome, Sabrina Chittenden, Sydney Salles, Veronica Dupuy, and Addie Friel.

The JH Team finished there season at the JH Metro Championships.


Jack Schommer Invitational

The Cubs finished 3rd overall in the Varsity Race. Scoring for the Cubs was Marlie Belsome, Adeleine Berner, Sabrina Chittenden, Sydney Salles, and Veronica Dupuy. Finishing 2nd overall as a individual in the Crusader Harrier Invitational was Alexandra Roche'. 


Randy Zell Classic and Newman JH

Cubs with spikes were back in City Park running the Newman Randy Zell Classic and JH invitationals. The Varsity Team finished 3rd overall and and the JV and JH did not have a complete scoring team. The Varsity team was lead by Adeleine Berner ('24), Marlie Belsome ('27), Sabrina Chittenden ('26), Sydney Salles ('26), and Stella Junius ('26). Top 10 finishers this weekend were Adeleine Berner ('24), Adelaide Friel ('26), Kailyn Madden ('26), and Alex Roche' ('28).

Divide and Conquer 

Cubs spikes split up this weekend. The team traveled to Oakville AL to compete in the Jesse Owens Classic and some stayed and ran in the Carver Invitational at City Park. Leading the Team to a 17th place out of thirty teams at the Jesse Owens Classic was Catalina Reichard ('25), Lucy Quintana ('26), Sofia Meneses ('26), Anna Joubert ('27) and Julia Zimmermann ('26). At the carver Invitational the Varsity and JV teams both placed first with two individual first place finishes. Varsity First Place Stella Junius ('26), and JV first place Ava Rabito ('27).

St. Joe's Invite

Cubs with spikes traveled to Baton Rouge for the second time this season and competed in the SJA Invitational. The Team Placed 2nd overall. Scoring for the Varsity was Catalina Reichard ('25), Lucy Quintana ('26), Sofia Meneses ('26), Anna Joubert ('27), and Caroline Zimmermann ('27).



Cubs with spikes raced at there home invitational and the Junior High Competed in the Christian Brothers Falcon Invitational in City Park this past weekend. The Varsity Team finished 1st, JV finished 2nd, and the Junior High Finished 9th overall. Top 10 Finishers for the Cubs were: Catalina Reichard ('25), Lucy Quintana ('26), Adeleine Berner ('24), Emily Eastwold ('24), Veronica Dupuy ('27), and Lillian Friel ('28).

Dominican/Holy Cross Invitational

Cubs with Spikes were back racing in City Park this weekend. The Varsity Team finished 2nd over all, JV finished 3rd overall, and the Junior High finished 4th overall. Top 10 Finishers for the Cubs were: Varsity-Anna Joubert ('27), Julia Zimmermann ('25). JH- Lilly Friel ('28), Alex Roche' ('28).


Episcopal Round Table

Cubs with Spikes ran in Baton Rouge this weekend at the Episcopal Round Table Run. The team finished Second Place overall. Scoring for the Cubs was Catalina Reichard ('25), Lucy Quintana ('26), Sofia Meneses ('26), Julia Zimmermann ('25), and Caroline Zimmermann ('27).


Season Openers

Cubs with Spikes split up this week and ran Friday evening at the UNO High School Opener and Saturday morning in Mobile AL at the Mobile Challenge of Champions. Cubs took home FIRST PLACE at both meets! Top Finishers at UNO was Stella Junius ('26), Caroline Zimmermann ('27), Anna Joubert('27), and Marlie Belsome('27). Top Finishers in Mobile were Catalina Reichard ('25) and Lucy Quintana ('26). PAW YEAH!!



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