2020-21 Season


On behalf of the more than 30,000 members of United Soccer Coaches, 
the MCA Cubs earned a National #3 ranking based on their accomplishments
during the 2020-2021 season.  Congratulations to all players and staff.!!


             Cubs win their 7th State 
         with a win against Dominican 
                       by 1-0 score.

After an intense match, the Cubs beat Dominican by a 1-0 score Jane Schneider scored the winner with Chloe Burst assisting. Chloe Burst received the MVP award!!

02/27/2021 4:30 p.m.
Southeastern University, Hammond

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Semi finals: MCA - Mandeville 2-0.  After an exciting game, the Cubs prevailed with a 2-0 score earning a spot in the state final game against Dominican.  Jane Schneider and Gabby O'Neil provided the goals for the Cubs.
NOLA Article

Quarterfinals: MCA vs Northshore 3-0
Nola Article

Second round: MCA @ Parkway, 4pm  2/09/2021  7-1

MCA vs Ponchatula  8-0
Earning a #2 spot in the state seedings, MCA is scheduled to meet Ponchatula on Thursday 02/04/2021 at 6pm at Tad Gormley.


01/22/2021: MCA @ Hahnville 5:30pm - cancelled

01/22-23/2021: MCA vs STM 7pm Moore Fields
                        MCA vs Byrd 11am STM field
The Cubs had a nice showing in Lafayette, against STM on Friday and Byrd on Saturday morning.  The Cubs won both games by a 1-0 score (STM) and 2-0 against Byrd.  

01/19/2021: MCA vs Chalmette, 5pm 
Cubs win this district game by a 8-0 score
01/16/2021: MCA @Vanderbilt, 3pm:
Congratulatons to the Cubs for winning the game against Vanderbilt by a 2-0 score.
JV vs Vanderbilt: 1-3

01/12/2021: MCA vs FHS, 5:30pm
Chloe Burst scored 4 goals and Jane Schneider added one more to finish this game with a 5-0 score.

01/09/2021: MCA vs SSA, 1pm SSA Sports Complex
The Cubs win this one by a 3-0 score.
Junior Varsity also win by a 3-0 score.

01/05/2020: MCA vs Dutchtown, Tad Gormley 6pm
Congratulations to both Varsity and JV teams for winning both games against Dutchtown.  Varsity won their game by a 5-1 score while JV won theirs by a 3-0 score.

01/02/2020: MCA vs Mandeville, Pan Am 2pm
Playing their senior game against Mandeville, the Cubs played a great game scoring 3 goals in the first half and 4 in the second. Having 7 different scorers the Cubs finish the game with a 7-1 score.  JV game: MCA vs Mandeville 3-0 Article

12/28-30/2020 Lakeshore Tournament


MCA vs Lakeshore 1-0
MCA vs St.Thomas More 1-1
MCA vs Newman 1-0


12/20/2020: MCA @ St.Joe's, 1pm Burbanks. 
With a late goal from St.Joe's, the Cubs lose this one by a 1-0 score. 
JV MCA vs St.Joe's  0-0

12/18/2020: MCA vs St.Amant, 6pm, Pan Am 
Congratulations to Varsity for a great win against St. Amant.  Cubs scored 3 in the first half while scoring 5 more in the first 12' of the second, finishing the game with a 8-0 score.  Chloe Burst lead the way scorng 5 goals with Brooke Javier adding 2 and Camille Sperrier adding one more.

12/11/2020: MCA vs J.Ehret, 5pm, Pan Am . 
Cubs win this one by a 8-0 score.  

12/07/2020: MCA vs Newman, 5pm, Pan Am
After a solid performance the Cubs won this one by a 4-0 score.  Jane Schneider scored 2 goals and Chloe Burst and Janie Sigur added one each.
NOLA Article

12/05/2020: MCA vs Grace King 1pm, Pan Am  Final Score: 8-0

12/03/2020: JV MCA vs Hannan, 7-1

11/28/2020: MCA vs Northshore 4pm, Pan Am   
The Cubs won the game against the defending state champions by a 3-0 score.  Brooke Javier scored two goals and Jane Schneider added the third.    

11/23/2020: MCA vs U High 5pm, Pan Am  
After a good performance the Cubs did not manage to score ending the game in a 0-0 draw.
Jv game: MCA - U High 3-0

11/18/2020: MCA vs West Jefferson 5pm, Tad Gormley
The Cubs opened their season with a win against district opponent West Jefferson.  Brooke Javier led the Cubs scoring four goals.  Final score, 8-0 Cubs

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Defensive MVP: Janie Sigur

First Team:
Janie Sigur
Brooke Javier
Emma Roberts
Chloe Burst

Second Team:
Chloe Beebe


Overall District MVP: Janie Sigur

Defensive MVP: Chloe Beebe

Coach of the year: Alexi Petrou

First team:
Brooke Javier
Chloe Burst
Sadie Burst
Gabbie O’Neall
Emma Roberts
Janie Sigur
Chloe Beebe

Second Team:
Myah Beebe
Abbey Tarleton
Jane Schneider
Katie Maheu
Kate Deichmann
Camille Sperrier