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Carmelite Saints Mass
Carmelite Saints Mass

On October 3, in celebration of the lives of the Carmelite Saints, MCA students and faculty members gathered for Mass. The annual Scapular Ceremony followed, where each Big Sister placed the scapular around the neck of her Little Sister. The ceremony symbolizes the passing on of the Carmelite spirit and knowledge to those new to the Mount Carmel family.

Before placing the scapular, the Big Sisters blessed their Little Sisters, saying, "May God, through the prayers of Mary, the Mother of God, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Bless You." After the Little Sisters received their scapulars, the Big Sisters finished with, "With gentle strength and strong love. Amen."

Students also enjoyed a tribute slideshow in honor of Sister Denis Rodrigue, O.Carm., who is celebrating 70 years of religious profession.