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Phyllis M. Taylor Maker Lab
Phyllis M. Taylor Maker Lab

Mount Carmel Academy is proud to announce the official opening of the Phyllis M. Taylor Maker Lab. The Blessing and Dedication was held on Monday, December 12. Phyllis M. Taylor was presented with gifts created in the Maker Lab in gratitude for her generosity and commitment to excellence in education. Most Reverend Gregory Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans, bestowed the blessing.

The Phyllis M. Taylor Maker Lab is a creative, hands-on space where students are encouraged to collaborate, innovate, and create through cross-curricular projects in religion, science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Students will utilize 16 MakerBot Replicator 3D printers and a laser engraver to enhance their classroom experiences and bring learning to life.

The Phyllis M. Taylor Maker Lab is the perfect complement to Mount Carmel's implementation of Project Based Learning and the Design Cycle across the curriculum. Through this process in which the project is the lesson, students move from problem to solution through seven steps: Ask, Research, Imagine, Plan, Create, Evaluate, and Improve. They work as a team to form a question or series of questions that focus on exploration and innovation of an idea. They research what's already available and imagine how they can improve the concept for specific wants and needs. Building upon their ideas, students then plan and create a purposeful solution. Finally, they evaluate, revise, and improve upon their solution through feedback from their teachers and peers. The Maker Lab serves as a vehicle for turning ideas into hands-on, workable prototypes while provoking imagination and innovation. Ultimately, Mount Carmel Academy will seek the Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) accreditation through AdvancED.

Through the Phyllis M. Taylor Maker Lab, Mount Carmel Academy hopes to create lifelong learners igniting a curiosity about the world around them, while equipping them with the conceptual skills needed to excel in their work and operate in a globalized economy. As part of Mount Carmel's enduring commitment to Catholic identity, the lab will also be used to foster a spirit of service to others and God, our Creator.

Mount Carmel's Phyllis M. Taylor Maker Lab was made possible with funding through the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation.